An introduction

Daunting, that’s the best way to describe coming up with your first blog post, so I thought what better way to start than by explaining the title of this blog. This blog is going to be about me reconnecting with my love of photography. I say reconnecting because as a youth I was rarely without a camera hanging from my shoulder, enthusiastically documenting my life and the life of friends and family around me.

Across the ensuing midst of time, however, and although I still loved photography and dabbled whenever I could, I rarely got the chance to engage fully and never felt I had truly mastered either technique, composition or true understanding of what the hell I was doing.

So, with a little more time on my hands, and a new thirst for knowledge, I have spent perhaps the last 3-4 years really dedicated to learning all I can about the art, science and discipline of photography. And I have, and still am, enjoying every single minute of it, pursuing it with all the enthusiasm of my youth, and then some. I felt I had missed out for far too long, both in personal growth terms and from the sheer satisfaction that comes from just creating something. Something that is hopefully either memorable, emotional, beautiful or even inspiring, to myself and to others.

So this blog is my attempt to share some of that enthusiasm and knowledge and to highlight the lessons I’ve learnt, even the bad ones, along the way.

And to start this journey I only needed two simple things; light and a box to put it in.

Natural History Museum – August 2013 – Leica M240 – Olympus OM 21mm

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